Maximum Impact Training | Summer Program
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Summer Program

Facility Location: Sessions are held at the Gordy Aamoth Stadium Athletic Training Facility on the Blake School’s Hopkins Campus – 110 Blake Rd. South, Hopkins, MN 55341



Our Sports Performance Training offers a Large Group sport-specific program, designed to measurably improve participants’ speed, agility, and strength. All training programs also emphasizing body control, flexibility, and stabilization to help produce more injury-resistant athletes, equipped with the foundation to continue improving during the school year.




This is an advance placement style training experience for athletes looking to gain more confidence in their abilities. Our mission is to accelerate individuals & team’s athletic development. This program really focuses on teaching athletes the skills to rise above the competition. The training program is fun and perfect for athletes of all levels.


Our # 1 priority is Health & Wellness.

Our # 2 priority is increasing your overall speed, work capacity & cardio effectively improving your mechanical efficiency.

Our # 3 priority is developing your muscles to their fullest potential.

Our # 4 priority is improving your physiological state of readiness.

From our 10+ years of professional training experience we learned the more confidence athlete has in their ability the better the individual performs during competition.  We identified three components that influence that athlete’s ability to perform with confidence.


1. Demonstrate with technical mastery cues for optimal body position & force exertion during sport activity.

2. Demonstrate with technical mastery the various speed disciplines and knowledge of speed transitions.

3. Consistently competing with others & as often as possible training in environments that meet the intensity & demands of the game.


Girls TennisNordic & Alpine SkiingTrack & Field
Cross CountryWrestlingBaseball
FootballBasketballBoys Tennis


If you are receiving this, either you, a member of your coaching staff, or your athletes have expressed an interest in summer Strength & Conditioning opportunities at Blake. The Strength & Conditioning program will be organized and administered through my independent sports performance company, Maximum Impact Training.


The program will feature 60 or 90 minute sports performance training sessions offered 6 days per/ week. Performance training sessions are divided into several categories: Individual /Small-Group (1-6 athletes) and Large-Group (6-25 athletes) options. The Large-Group option is popular with athletes who prefer to train with several friends or peers in a team-setting, while individual / Small-Group is a great option for athletes seeking more 1-on-1 technical instruction and an individualized training protocol.


In addition to the Individual-Small/Large Group performance training opportunities described above, there will also be a Team Training option ONLY available to School Teams: For teams with 6+ participating athletes, we are offering 30—90 minute sport-specific training sessions at a discounted cost. I’ve included additional information on all training packages and pricing details at the bottom of this email for review.


Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions about this training option and/or if you would like to discuss scheduling options and availability. You are also welcome to pass this information along to any of your athletes or team parents at your discretion.

Summer Availability for Individual-Small Group Training  

Monday through Saturday (by appointment only)

8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Summer Availability for Large Group Training  

Days: TBD

Time: TBD

Summer Program Dates: 9 weeks available to train this summerRecommended 1-4 days/per week
Week 1June 11th – 16th
Week 2June 18th – 23rd
Week 3June 25th - 30th
Week 4July 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th
Week 5July 9th - 14th
Week 6July 16th – July 21st
Week 7July 23rd – July 28th
Week 8
Week 8
July 30th – August 4th
Week 9August 6th – August 11th (MSHSL Fall Sports begin August 13th )
Ready to Get Started?



Isaac 763-843-4219


Melvin 763-227-0783


Our goal is to provide you with a program that is safe, effective, and compatible with the physical needs of a student-athlete. Based on your fitness ability level and ability to process information quickly and proficiently use equipment will determine you r time period per progression. The date at each period begins and ends may vary from season to season.

Phase 1Period 1Motor Control & Muscular Re-education
Flexibility & Mobility
Hips & Core Activation & Stability
“Warm Up is designed to stimulate neurological intent &
Central nervous System Readiness”
Period 2Muscular Fitness & Agility : Strength &Power
Day 1 : Legs / Vertical Jump Mechanics & Horizontal Power
Day 2 : Chest, Back, Shoulders & Traps
Day 3 : Arms & Integrated Exercise
Day 4 : Speed & Agility
“We believe in developing muscles to their fullest potential”
Phase 2Period 3Running Position Movement Purpose
Sprinting Mechanics
Loco Motor Skills
Ground Reaction Contact
Rotary Force Development
Cardiovascular Training (O2 System)
“Technique is the future to reach new levels”
Phase 3Period 4Sport-Specific Speed & Conditioning
Acceleration & Deceleration (ATP-PC System)
Linear Speed (Lactic Acid System)
Top Speed Turnover (ATP-PC System / (Lactic Acid System)
Lateral & Circular Re-direction mechanics & Speed (ATP-PC System)

Combine or Camp Preparation
Vertical & Broad Jump Mechanics
40 Yard Dash Components & Sprint mechanics
Pro Agility Shuttle & 3 Cone L Drill re-direction mechanics & footwork
“Teaching exercises that have greater transfer to sport”

“Teaching the skills to The ability to change your path of motion through the 3 principles of agility”
Period 5Sport-Specific Skill Development
Block Starts / Hurdle Training / Jumps & Throws / Race Transitions
Stance & Start / Releases & Escapes
Offensive or Defensive footwork
Catching, Hand eye coordination & Vision Training
Navigation, pursuit & Evading
“Teaching the skills to rise above the competition “
Phase 4Period 6Active Recovery & Soft Tissue Work
Static Stretch & Joint Mobilization
Muscular Tension Release
“Repair damage from work out”


Track & Field

  • Running Form Correction
  • Detailed Block Starts Instructions
  • Participation in Indoor Track Meets


  • Faster 40 Time and Game Speed
  • Better Running Form & Agility
  • Increased Explosive Power & Strength


  • Increased Court Speed & Quickness
  • Increased Game Endurance & Aerobic Capacity
  • Increased Explosive Jump Power & Vertical

Baseball & Softball

  • Increased Field & Court Speed
  • Improved Start and Stop Quickness
  • Increased Explosive Arm Strength


  • Improved Start and Stop Quickness
  • Increased Explosive Jump Power & Vertical
  • Increased Explosive Arm Strength

Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse

  • Increased Linear & Circular Speed
  • Improved Change Of Direction Quickness
  • Increased Balance & Coordination